Kate has felt called to share and express her faith through art and music since she was a young girl and has written and performed music for her family and friends for over a decade. Through consistent encouragement from those who have witnessed her gifts and as an act of obedience to share her testimony through song, Kate recorded the album Grow in the fall of 2016 to share with the world.

Throughout the album, Kate shares her experiences overcoming obstacles and fears in order to grow in her faith. Interwinding themes of chasing perfection, feeling lost or missing, yearning to be closer to God, and guarding against straying from faith during pain, sorrow, and uncertainty, Kate encourages her listeners to persevere in faith, especially when we do not understand or hear from God in ways we want or expect.

Ask who I am and I will tell you I'm a girl learning to be brave. Ask about my story I will tell it with a song. 

I hope Grow speaks to and encourages you wherever you are in your own journey.

Thank you to everyone who encouraged me to record this album. Especially my mother, who saw what I did not see and "called those things that be not as though they were."